About Us

Hi there! We are "KitchenStee", a manufacturing company from Poland. Before we founded our store in 2019, we provided forging services in the local market for 7 years. 

At first, making forged knives was something like a hobby or part-time job for us. But our knives are very cool :) Therefore, very soon, we had to completely devote ourselves to forging knives and even hire several neighboring forges. 

Now, our knives are made in several forges in Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine, and we have two warehouses (in Poland and in the USA). We sell our knives worldwide, but most of our clients reside in the USA. Therefore, we opened our second warehouse in New York. So if you are from the USA, now you can buy handmade European knives and get them in just a couple of days (pickup available). And this is awesome!

If you have questions about our knives or service, please see the FAQ section. There we collect the most common questions (which are very often repeated). We will also always be happy to answer all your questions :) Just write to us!

KitchenSteel Kujira